Culture shock in america essay

People may have different values and new ways of doing things that seem strange to you. Leaving their own country and having to get used to a new one can make students homesick and experience loneliness, loss of identity, isolation, stress, loss of self-value and status.

The visitor feels comfortable with friends, associates, and the language of the country. London only just got their first Victorias Secret this past year. It is also important for them to improve their language skills to be able to understand others and make others understand them.

Being wealthy or having connections to powerful people does not automatically command respect from Americans, and it will generally not entitle a person to special treatment or privileges.

American Culture Essays An American culture essay would sound like a piece of cake but in reality could be as challenging as any other essay especially because America is considered to be a young nation. Americans treasure the close friends they do make, but it can be difficult for new acquaintances to move into this level of friendship.

You will probably find a lot of differences and similarities with your own culture. The visitor has accepted the habits, customs, foods, and characteristics of the people in the new culture. A Native Indian cultural essay requires in-depth study of their culture and not just a write-up of what we usually see in movies and books.

Culture Shock

Learn about the new culture: I know my English is not perfect, but being able to communicate with others in English was one of the greatest accomplishments for my life. Give a little wave if someone lets you merge.

Research design descriptive analysis essay. Other forms of support will come from new friends, an academic advisor or psychological counseling centers.

Culture Shock

When you visit a non-fast food restaurant, it is customary to leave at least a 15 percent tip as a gratitude for the person who is or has been serving. Technical skills are also important, but the students from underdeveloped countries might have problems with assignments requiring such skills.

After few days living in this America, I just wanted to go back to Thailand. If you come from a cultural background that differs greatly from that of the United States, the behavior of Americans may be very strange, annoying, or even upsetting to you at first.

Although the visitor may not yet be fluent in the language spoken, basic ideas and feelings in the second language can be expressed. In some cultures this is considered rude. In other cases the courses are actually a dialogue between the teachers and students and students are supposed to ask as many questions as possible.

Culture shock america essay

I'm constantly always caught between worlds. People dress very casually, call superiors by their first names, and eat just about anywhere. This aspect of American culture can be confusing and frustrating for visitors from cultures that value a very tight friendship network.

However, you will also find that Americans are very willing to help someone in need — they will just expect you to ask for help before they do so. While the activity will most likely be somewhat "Americanized," it may offer comfort to do some of the things that you enjoyed doing in your home country.

Culture Shock

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Neighbors and family members move away. Taking part in group activities could be a thesis theme for your essay. Find some campus activities that sound interesting to you. It is an important aspect of American culture. I would be stressed out in Italy for being teased for speaking British English words like 'pardon' instead of 'excuse me' by my American classmates.

Such feelings will influence their physical health as well. Many still feel they cannot express themselves as well as they can in their native language.

Make sure that you are free of any body odor. These two words have been part of my vocabulary from an early age. Treat people in service positions servers, drivers, etc as equals.

My experience with culture shock in America as an American raised abroad

At first everything was new and exciting. The rules and expectations were different here. This is an excellent way to make friends with like-minded people, and you will be feeling more at home in no time.

They find it uncomfortable when others stand too close and will unconsciously move away. This cycle may repeat itself throughout your stay in a new culture, and these feelings are normal.

To their defense I am glad they did not support an early addiction of eating at fast food restaurants.In America, the dominant culture is that of the WASP (Whit Anglo Saxon Protestant). I personally fit into none of these categories; thus, I am part of an Indian-American subculture.

Many cultures come to America to experience freedom. They say the definition of culture shock is "the trauma you experience when you move into a culture different from your home culture". Which is simple enough. When my father took a stateside position and moved the family to America we thought nothing of culture shock and readjustment.

Culture Shock. These two words have been part of my vocabulary from an early age. My American parents were living in England when I was born. I grew up moving around military bases in Europe until I was seventeen years old.

American Culture & Culture Shock Living in a foreign country is challenging, but it is also a great learning experience. By learning to understand and navigate the culture of another country, we become more open-minded and accepting individuals. I asked other immigrants about their first moments of culture shock in the United States.

Here's what they told me. "I had not seen or even heard of braces before [coming to America]. Culture Shock Essay Words | 9 Pages.

American Culture & Culture Shock

One of the biggest hindrances to people living in a new culture is the initial culture-shock that people experience.

Culture shock in america essay
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