Cute interesting animals to write about

Regardless, it is highly endangered — pink iguanas only exist on one volcano in the Galapagos, and there are fewer than left alive. Their diet consists mainly of fruit, berries, and leaves though they have a tendency to eat soft foliage underwater if they live near a water source. Some of the pictures below may be disturbing to some viewers.

Sloths have large slow-acting stomachs with multiple compartments. Their front 'legs' are elongated pedipalps which end in adhesive organs. The silk is used to weave tunnels and galleries on the ground in which they live. They get their name from their ability to climb coconut palm trees, where they clip off the coconuts, return to the ground, peel of the coconut husks, and hammer the fruits open with rocks or their large claws.

Second, and probably related, they somehow string their webs across, not along, rivers Their metabolic rates are less than half of that of any other mammal its size, and they maintain a body temperature between 86 and 93 degrees even lower when resting. Of all these creatures, they mystify me the most.

They can grow up to five or six inches in length including the legs. To read about 10 disappearing natural wonders, click here. Of all these creatures, they mystify me the most.

How many animals did you correctly identify before reading the text? One theory is that they do so to nourish the tree they live in. They grow to a length of about inches and feed on plankton and small crustaceans. Despite conservation efforts going back toonly 90 birds remain so few that every single one has been named.

It also is one of the few animals on earth that can put its anatomy on display without dying. The fish can rotate its eyes backwards and upwards to see prey and predators.

The octopus is smart enough to mimic at least five or six different animals, and also likely smart enough to live to see its great-great-great-great- x50 -great-grandchildren. According to Nature, the star-nosed mole is the fastest-eating mammal, taking as little as milliseconds to identify and consume food items, deciding in only eight milliseconds whether or not something is edible.

The Ten Most Interesting Animal Species You Probably Haven't Heard Of

The males of the species have wings, but cannot sting. The 'fingers' of its front fins are partially modified to give it insect-like 'legs' that is uses to crawl along the ocean floor.

It is the sole member of the genus Condylura. Though the blobfish has few natural predators, it is facing extinction due to deep sea fishing.Copyright © Interesting Animals for Kids | Bee Crafty Child Theme on Genesis Theme Framework | WordPress | Log inBee Crafty Child Theme on Genesis Theme.

Even if you’re a zoology expert, this list might just surprise you. These are 25 amazing facts you didn't know about animals. 33 Cutest Animal Facts That Will Force You To Smile I Promise. If you don't find these facts absolutely adorable, I wonder what else can ever make you smile.

32 will definitely blow away your mind. Most of us don’t grasp the variety of animals species that inhabit the Earth today, and some even get surprised as they find out there’s an animal they haven’t heard of before.

Jun 10,  · Yes, they are indeed interesting and some are really cute, like the dumbo octopus. I am eager to watch a vid of that swimming with its ears flapping.

25 Most Amazing and Unusual Animals on Earth

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Cute interesting animals to write about
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