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Under such kind of situation, easyJet provide no-frills services not only greatly reduces the running costs but also saves more human and financial resources to other key area, such as the safety and puncture of the flight, to ensure the better performance in Easyjet assignment future.

The last few seats go for ridiculous prices as they re pure profit to the airline. The service provided by easyJet is short-haul service, which mostly last only 1 or 2 hours.

EasyJet, EasyRide Essay

Both the types of data are used in combination. This research report is focussed on the customer satisfaction and at identifying all those factors which determines the satisfaction of the customers of Easy Jet. Eitan Muller, Naufel Vilcassim.

Easy-Jet has expanded greatly since its establishment, driven by high demand from both the United Kingdom and continental Europe. For a given flight, all prices are quoted one-way, a single price prevails at any mint, and, in general, prices are low early on and increase as the departure date approaches.

Unit 4 Research Project Assignment - EasyJet and Ryanair

In Assignment Sample Being in the highly competitive market of budget airlines, easyJet has no option but to be highly marketing orientated.

All three of these types of marketing activities contribute to the product being of value to customers.

Easyjet Assignment

Pricing a product too high or too low could mean a loss of sales for the organization. On another hand, the researcher has collected secondary data from various books and journals.

What can be seen in this section is that either this policy is not optimal, or it involves a time inconsistency problem on the part of consumers. The first advantage of focused service is the carrier could concentrate on the key area of the flight operation.

Customer Satisfaction is not same for all the customers, it is different. The researcher has Easyjet assignment to analyse the collected data and express the motive of group of people. These variables would not only influence passenger themselves, but also the smooth operation of the airline, even other passengers.

As it can be seen from these two charts, there are some similarities in pricing policies in Out-bound price and Return price. It has the information about the type of research, the details about the information sources, the analysis method Easyjet assignment all the other details which are needed to carry out the research.

After that researcher has analysed the survey data and found that the students are not satisfied with the services of both airlines. When discussing this issue, the price of the product, discounts, segmentation and financing options are included. Therefore the quality of face-to-face encounter is closely related to the survival of easyJet.

Really a firm has three options and these are to price lower, price the same or price higher. The price is set to reflect the exclusiveness of the product. The September 11th disaster hit the airline industry hard and the implementation of airport taxes from our government increased fares by up to one third.

Setting a price in comparison with competitors. It does not offer last-minute deals. After that the researcher has planned to write the suitable recommendation base on the issues of those organizations. As per the feedback of the college student both airplane are comparatively cheap but not used for travelling.

Objectives To understand the impact of low pricing strategy in business To analyse the services provided by of the Easy jet and Ryanair To assess how far customer dissatisfaction affect the pasengers To identify the loopholes in the services in the services of Easyjet and Ryanair Literature review: It varies the time at which tickets are first offered for sale duration of sale.

Along with the development of airline industry and the increase of air traveling demand, low cost flights become more and more common attracting much effort to research pricing strategies in this field in order to reach improvement opportunities.

Easy-jet is one of the most successful low cost short- haul ones in England as well as European. For instance, customer mind-set, their mood and personality clashes. The key points of this business model are high aircraft utilization, quick turnaround times, charging for extras such as priority boarding, hold baggage and food and keeping operating costs low.

British Airways price is the opposite — most of the seats on sale are at the fixed rate until about 10 days before departure, then the price drops right up to the day of departure.Easyjet offer the cheapest prices within three weeks of the flight being released for sale (usually three months prior).

The closer departure date is,the more quickly the price rises.

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The last few seats go for ridiculous prices as they are pure profit to the airline.  EasyJet has a unique geographical location because it was born in England.

Britain is isolated on geographical conditions, across the sea with other countries in the European continents, so the aircraft is the most convenient mode of transportation. By studying about the comparison between a low cost carrier and a normal one, which head to different priorities, this assignment will help us to understand how the prices of low cost airlines could be opposed with normal ones, so they can orient their goal to achieve in the best way.

easyJet operates under intensive distribution means, not just restricting itself to internet sales. Although they are the most popular method of booking and easyJet now sells around 90% of its seats online this does not restrict sales over the phone or through travel agents at an extra charge.

Business Analysis for Easyjet. Introduction. Since the deregulation of transportation and airline travel throughout Europe, there has been a significant growth in the number of Budget airlines serving the travel consumer.

One of the first of these new types of airline carriers was Easyjet. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the low budget, short-haul airline, easyJet. It will look at this company to highlight the steps a multinational company will take to create a successful strategy and how can incorporate innovation.

Easyjet assignment
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