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Well, fundamentally the answer to infidelity is fidelity. In some men, both straight and gay, the stresses of such contradiction lead to irrepressible urges that can be indulged only by exploitation of the vulnerable and available, objects of desire who in many cases are boys, whether prepubescent or adolescent.

When it comes to their clergy, the single-issue obsession remains celibacy. The bishops took on a range of questions, and were preparing to reconsider both birth control and celibacy.

Until then, an insufficiently historically minded church had regarded such contingent questions as God-given absolutes.

Celibacy and the Catholic priest

God was not the issue; the pope was. Despite denials from Rome, there will be no halting, much less recovering from, the mass destruction of the priest sex abuse scandal without reforms centered on the abandonment of celibacy as a near-universal prerequisite for ordination to the Latin-rite priesthood.

Celibates in the Catholic Church, which through tradition and subsequent discipline in the Latin West now include the majority of priests, follow Jesus as those disciples who, by grace, accept this state of life in imitation of him. If a man does not believe what the Church teaches about God, about the dignity of Editorial on boston catholic church essay human person, about sex and marriage, or about justice, he should not function as a priest or serve as a bishop.

Cardinal Law is gone, but you are braced for even more disturbing recognitions. The corruption of the best is indeed the worst. And it deepened divisions between the archdiocesan leadership and many of its priests who have nothing to do with abuse. There were a few issues that needed attention and have been addressed, but none of them were related to program visits," the statement said.

Therefore, in latePaul VI made his second extraordinary intervention to forbid any discussion of priestly celibacy. It is because the infidelity expressed by and embodied in these sins, and because the scandal—undermining of the faith including the faith of the sinning priest and the faith of the person with whom he sins —they occasion, is simply intolerable.

Archbishop Sean, as he has asked to be called, has many wounds to heal, and he will be doing his sense of his Lord's work far from Lake Street. But there was every sign that the Council fathers, when they inevitably took up the subject of the priesthood, were still going to discuss celibacy, as if change were possible there.

Why else a child wrapped in, yes, some kind of sackcloth? But even apart from those crimes, McCarrick should be stripped of his office and dismissed from the active priesthood for his sexual activity with adult men, including seminarians. For decades, and indeed for centuries, the despicable acts of the church were able to exist hidden within the shadows, away from public accountability and criticism.

Even before the Council acted, the myth that these disciplines were eternally willed by God was broken. Medeiros, and Bernard F. The system broke down early on, and in some eras it broke down big time. Lies, denial, arrogance, selfishness, and cowardice — such are the notes of the structure within which Catholic priests now live, however individually virtuous many of them nevertheless remain.

Corruptio optimi pessima est: Indifference to civil law. Noting that Cardinal McCarrick, now 88, had long been a friend of the magazine, it continued: The stakes were infinite, since sexual desire marked the threshold of hell.

That is what is needed. But change was suddenly in the air, and that made Catholics begin to ask questions on their own. I write from inside the question, having lived as a celibate seminarian and priest for more than a decade in my youth. The earlier Times article, published July 16, detailed the alleged abuse of two seminarians in the Diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey, by then-Bishop McCarrick in the s that resulted in settlements to each man.

And just like that, Catholics had reason to suspect that celibacy was being maintained as a requirement of the priesthood because of internal church politics — not because of any spiritual or religious motive.

But the Catholic scandal has laid bare an essential pathology that is unique to the culture of clericalism, and mandatory celibacy is essential to it. And even now, as the Boston archdiocese ducks and feints behind bankruptcy laws and lawyers, precisely to protect the wealth of its imperial sway, the Christ child comes as an infinite rebuke.

Boston's Catholics found that they could live vicariously through him, sharing in the reflected glory when his counsel was sought by kings and presidents, by leaders in society, business, and the arts.

Law, thought about issues of the day, the question was more succinctly put: That humanness, contradicting every claim to infallibility, is what Cardinal Law was desperate to cover up. The church was so powerful at the time that no one could impede its destruction of those most vulnerable souls, who came to its doorstep pleading for salvation.

Celibacy and the Catholic priest

Abused children can thus be an epiphany of all the sins committed by an imperial church ask the Jewsand the moral reckoning those now grown children demand can be the occasion of a long overdue dismantling of an imperial structure that is itself a blasphemy.May 16,  · Celibacy cuts to the heart of what is wrong in the Catholic Church today.

There will be no halting, much less recovering from, the mass destruction of the priest sex abuse scandal without the. My first visit to Boston was in — just after the church abuse scandal that swept through the city, a Catholic stronghold in the United States, had reached its peak.

Spotlight Team Investigation: Abuse in the Catholic Church. Complete coverage of the priest sexual abuse scandal from The Boston Globe, including case documents, video, polls, and message boards. Sep 01,  · We published more than responses to the essay, many raising the same issues as Mr.

Nathaniel. A selection of comments, edited for length and clarity, is below. Boston. The church will find. Catholic Church Essay; Catholic Church Essay. Essay on Middle Ages- Catholic Church. meanings philosophically, socially, religiously, etc., which is why it is crucial to define it before discussing the Boston Catholic Church’s power.

Power is defined in various ways, but the definition that is utilized in this essay is when “an. Nov 15,  · It is evident that the Catholic Church is incapable on its own of exorcising the scourge of clergy sex abuse. The scandal raged unchecked for decades .

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