Free reading and writing activities for first graders

Lucky Leprechaun Multiplication - Students will multiply two 2-digit numbers when completing this fun holiday worksheet. Vowel Digraphs - Circle the word that names each picture and write the word on the line. Rhymes with Cat - Students will identify words in a word box that rhyme with cat and write the rhyming words in alphabetical order.

The books are in themes that students will enjoy and each target 4 sight words and 4 vocabulary words. Inside the box, I put all of the books that I wrote plus the extensions and games that go with them.

Have kids choose between 10 and 30 bingo-type markers and use them to cover various numbers on a hundreds chart. Multiplying by Two-Digit Numbers - This drill sheet provides practice multiplying 2 and 3-digit numbers by a 2-digit number. The teacher-guided and child-directed nature of our curriculum products ensures English language learners and struggling readers learn alongside their peers.

Do a jigsaw puzzle together. In the resource that I created, I started with a few activities to help start your guided reading groups.

Students will fill in missing letters to complete each word and replace misspelled words with the correctly spelled word in a variety of sentences.

The Long i Sound Worksheet 2 - Students will read, rhyme, sort, and write words. Word Problems Worksheet B - Solve these word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.

I prefer the safety of a small group, but I allow those kids of mine who prefer to write alone to separate themselves from the group I have put them in and compose something individually while the rest of the small group stays intact.

As kids get better, have them gradually cover more numbers. This game is deceptively simple, but actually requires some good teamwork and strengthens kids' understanding of place value, as well as counting skills.

Cutting, Writing, and Other Intricate Little Tasks Fine motor skills are improving in the first grade, but they are not perfected yet. Up and Down Steps: Manage your account ABCya is the leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids.

Tier-2 Vocabulary-Inspired"Quick Poems" Instead of memorizing new words, I ask students to write thoughtful pieces of short writing inspired by new words they self-select from class reading.

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Add or Subtract Worksheet 4 - Students will practice addition and subtraction when they complete this math worksheet. Have them guess a number, such as 20 times. I love having the ability to meet in small groups with my students and work with them right where they are.

1st Grade Worksheets

For this one, copy a hundreds chart for each child on thick card stock. Division Practice Worksheet 12 - Students will practice dividing a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number. Contain directions and expectations that accommodate for differentiation; the poems' advance organizers have room for more stanzas or quatrains than students will probably need, and the directions state for students to complete as many stanzas as they can in the allotted time.

Ask which food items come first, second, etc. The website opened in September of as a free public service and social enterprise supported by the Polis-Schutz family.

If you happen to have a big jar full of pennies, challenge kids to count them in different ways. They can write about their friends, favorite video game, favorite moview, or the fun weekend they had.

Do not ask for too much at once. Developmental Milestones for Fine Motor Skills:The Writing Road to Reading is a total language arts program that has been used by teachers and parents for over fifty years to teach millions of students to spell, write, and read.

Now fully updated to reflect the latest research on how children learn language, this newest edition is easier to use than ever. Grade 1 Reading Comprehension. Use these free. printable worksheets to practice and improve reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing.

Reading Worksheets - Leveled. These grade 1 reading comprehension worksheets are taken from a series of leveled reading workbooks ranging in difficulty from A to Z, according to the Fountas and Pinnell grading system.

The full workbooks are. These reading worksheets were written at a first grade level, but it's important to remember that reading level varies from student to student.

After they read the passage, students then answer the comprehension questions that follow. Reading comprehension worksheets that.

1st Grade Reading Worksheets Yoko Quiz The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks Quiz Blackout Quiz What Do You Do With a Tail Like This Quiz Tea with Milk Quiz Phonics for First Grade Teaching Phonics: Worksheets generator kindergarten alphabet writing Worksheets Phonics matching worksheets for short vowel sounds.

The 1st grade writing worksheets give kids enough practice to gain confidence and expertise in the field of writing. Free 1st Grade Writing Worksheets Make for Great Teaching Aids JumpStart’s first grade writing worksheets are great teaching aids for parents and teachers looking to inculcate the habit of perfect writing in first graders.

These activities from PBS KIDS help first graders learn new words and practice letter-sound relationships, reading easy text, and writing for everyday purposes.

Free reading and writing activities for first graders
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