Importance of communication in garment industry


To keep ahead in trends in colour, fabric and style. What is the minimum offer for textile supply chain? Most of the reasons can be cured at initial stages if the problem was noticed and action had been taken. Face to face communication: E-mail may not be all time effective, sometime verbal communication can be good channel to solve problem in production.

The importance of the message can be communicated when the message or information is concrete in nature. This will help to build trust level between the parties.

The sector has State-of-the-art factories with good housekeeping and social standards. Unless the buyers of garments are willing to exchange data with deliverers and producers, producers will constantly face the unsolvable problems.

Graphical representation of product Easy modification of graphical representation Record the whole design and processing history Complex design analysis using finite element method The graphical representation is so accurately generated that the user can nearly view the actual product on the screen.

So merchandiser has to be aware all time that his message is conveying the meaning what he wanted to say.

To test the hypotheses one sample T test and regression analysis have been used. The message should be positive like stating what can be done rather than telling what cannot be done and should have empathy. A longer waiting time in the industry of clothes is a serious risk because of constant changes in styles, seasons, etc.

The way of effective business communication for a merchandiser: Selection of specific size: It is to be noted that importance of controlling garment quality may vary for the other part of the supply chain.

A merchandiser must discover various barriers to communication analyze the reasons for their occurrence and take preventive steps to avoid those barriers. If message is not shared on time things may not be done effectively.

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its 18 Journal of Management and Science ISSN: Secondary information has been collected from journals, newspapers, websites and reports on garments industry of Bangladesh.

High alteration and rejection of garments Requirement of extra manpower for checking of goods and repair work Factory may loose customers buyers as well as Brand Value Low motivated employees Need to work for extra hours Delay in production completion Ultimately production cost will increase if one ignores quality control area in manufacturing stage I saw buyers to reject packed shipments when they found shade variation in garments, wrong size ratio in packed shipment and faulty garment patterns.

That situation makes the apparel firms less motivated to scan potential market needs. The role of PPC is to reduce this waste by intelligently coordinating the availability of operator, equipments and materials.

The receiver should understand the information clearly and it should be free from ambiguities. Marketing Research is an important marketing activity for Garments business. Selection of a community: Descriptive statistics mainly average, frequency, percentage has been applied for analysis.

It is ensuring that the message or information conveyed is correct and no mistakes are there in it.Importance of quality control in the apparel industry. Garment industry has a complex supply chain where garment makers source materials, stitch garments and sell goods to.

the importance of textiles and clothing in achieving development goals. But there are different views in different countries – in some countries improving T&C • The garment industry is the largest employer in Bangladesh after agriculture. It is the main source of manufacturing employment and exports.

Importance of plant location: Plant location decisions are important and required management’s careful attention for several reasons.

Importance of Plant Location Selection in Apparel Industry

Three important reasons are following below: 1. Competitions: Plant location for an apparel industry affects its ability to. It’s a comprehensive magazine for textile, apparel & fashion industry.

From its inception Textile Today has already created a good impression and strong reputation in global market.

How important are communication skills if I want to work as a Textile Engineer?

It has already published number of research. The industry is made up of various kinds of companies like retailers, design source and selling companies, apparel manufacturers etc. The fashion industry profits by setting trends in clothing, and then inducing consumers to follow those trends.5/5(1).

Importance of CAD in Textile Designing

Importance of supply chain management is a right-on-time delivery of textiles is of great importance to producers of clothes. A waiting time for import textiles or additional material can be from 6 to 9 months, whereas that time at domestic textiles vary from a few days to 3 months, depending on availability and additional processing.

Importance of communication in garment industry
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