Northwest airlines confronts change

Regarding the merger, Dr.

Northwest Airlines confronts change

Wage inequality, cuts in wages etc. Ken Myers was also highly motivated as a he saw it as an opportunity to practice his change implementing skills.

These were Crew Chief and Supervisor Academies. To achieve integration it takes 3 things: As an outsider, Ken Myers would have more credibility among the employees and the unions, particularly in an environment where the relationship between management and labor was antagonistic.

Northwest Airlines Confronts Change

Part 3 For him, the company has managed the post-crash exemplary manner. Another key external pressure that presented an obstacle to the change effort was the press, which often portrayed Rothmeier as a cold ruthless manager who was antagonistic towards the employees.

Flight delays, double-booking of passengers, baggage lost, numerous logistical problems, etc … Not to mention the war between the two worlds unionists from each company. This gave the organization a strong balance sheet, yet the organization had to manage a largely antagonistic relationship with the unions representing its employees.

Clarifying Northwest airlines confronts change, reduce potential conflicts, improve communication, solved problems together and ion accelerating natural processes. However, after six months his charter was modified to analyze and start to shift the culture to a more customer-responsive and people oriented culture; to build a new sense of esprit, professionalism and pride in the corporation; to design and conduct training to support these goals; and to alter the processes that were the antithesis of the desired change.

Northwest Airlines Confronts Change HBS Case Analysis

This is clearly demonstrated in the attitudes of former Republic Union leaders who sought to portray Northwest as an organization that had little to no respect for its employees. According to him, Northwest has never been sufficient resources to carry out the change.

Although Rothmeier, in hindsight regretted the drop in earnings the union disruptions had caused and believed if the magnitude of the drop was lower, he and his management team would have been able to fend of the acquisition, he was satisfied that he had accomplished what he had set out to achieve.

Organizational Culture and Structure Prior to Change Northwest Airlines was known for its conservative financial controls and hardline labor policies. To accomplish this he sought to acquire one of their most important competitors, Republic Airlines and reduce labor management hostility. The fact that Rothmeier allowed Myers to control the interpretation of the information he received limited the perspectives Rothmeier was exposed to and likely set the stage for the division of these two change agents during the final stages of the change effort due to the fact Myers positioned himself in manner that gave him significant control over many elements of the organization and the change process.

This program was reinforced by a more professional program focused on conferring basic leadership skills on the first-line supervisors. Northwest was a geographically dispersed and mobile operation; however it was centered in the Twin Cities.

Employee fairs were also instituted. The purpose of this initiative was to force the organization to examine itself.

This fact, along with its timing derailed any progress towards a more customer oriented, participatory organizational culture at Northwest, and negatively affected any of the remaining credibility management had as change agents. HBR case studies provide anecdotal instances from managers and employees in the organization to give a feel of real situation on the ground.Posts about Future and Change Management Case Study: Northwest Airlines Confronts Change written by Odette Leh Chan Valdehueza-Caragos.

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Northwest Airlines Confronts Change Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Every university gives certain assignments to their students so that their learning can be improved. Describes the leadership of Northwest Airlines President and his key organizational development “lieutenant” during five years of great change and pressure – from to During this time the airline with major customers service problems was faced with.

Get this from a library! Northwest Airlines confronts change. [Susan Rosegrant; Todd Jick].

Northwest airlines confronts change
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