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They built seaworthy ships, and they imported from afar items made from the wood, stone, tin and copper not found nearby. Studies of the rates of lexical change have found that the vocabulary of farming cultures is especially conservative and resistant to change.

Their language is not related to those major language families that later appear in the Near East - Semites and Indo-Europeans. Gudea, the great en-priest of Ningirsu, made a path in the Cedar mountains which nobody had entered before; he cut its cedars with great axes.

As a result, farming advanced from the cultivation of small plots to the tilling of extensive fields.

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An increasingly divisive issue among Hungarians is that of the role of Western political and religious influence in the formation of the Hungarian state. In Sumerian religion and civilization males and females procreated, an often cooperative and friendly enterprise, and this was a part of their view of how the world worked.

Except for invasions of Hittites and Kassites, who were Indo-European peoples from AsiaBabylonia continued to dominate Mesopotamia for a thousand years.

The issue of the conversion of Hungary to the Western Christian faith is a highly controversial one as it was accom-plished by force against the will of the people and with the destruction of ancient Hungarian culture, including the Hungarian religion and runic scripts - thus causing incalculable and irre-parable cultural losses From the earliest times the Sumerians had a strong sense of private property.

The assertion that the Hungarians had to integrate to the West because otherwise the West would have annihilated them, and that therefore the Hungarians owe their survival over the past years to their adhesion to the West seems to be a misrepresentation of the facts. Anu offered him the water of life and the bread of life because he thought that, since Adapa already knew too much, he might as well be a god.

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In large national libraries in Asia there are also many ancient histories over 4, years old, which explain in great detail Venusian spacecraft, their pilots, their missions on Earth, intervention in Earth affairs, and involvement in ancient interplanetary wars fought on Earth.

Most accept the view that "a civilization is a culture which has attained a degree of complexity usually characterized by urban life. Archaeologists also unearthed a temple of Nebuchadnezzar II and Nabonidus r. Most citizens lived within the walls in small, one-story houses constructed along narrow alleyways, although the more elaborate homes were colonnaded and built around an inner courtyard.

These gods, each originally associated with a particular city, were worshiped not only in the great temples but also in small shrines in family homes. The oil-jars, and probably others also, were sealed with clay, precisely as in early Egypt.

Zecharia Sitchin and the Mistranslation of Sumerian Texts

The Sumerians wrote arithmetic based on units of ten — the number of fingers on both hands. It has been suggested that they were a nostalgic re-creation of the mountains the original settlers had left, or an at- tempt to raise the city's god above the material life of Sumerian records streets below, or an attempt to reach closer to heaven.

Though endowed with divine right by virtue of being the human agent of the god, the ensi was not considered divine. Nevertheless, it should be taken into consideration that the medieval Hungarian chronicles were most likely based upon earlier sources which have been destroyed or lost during the forced Christianization of Hungary and during the subsequent foreign invasions, Sumerian records that the stories told in the original sources, like many historical myths and legends transmitted by folklore, are often based on real historical facts.

The Finno-Ugrian theory's assumption that the Hungarians are directly descended from the "Finno-Ugrians" and that the Uralic peoples are the only ethno-linguistic relatives of the Hungarians seems to be fundamentally flawed: The impressions took on a wedge shape, hence the term cuneiform Latin cuneus, "wedge".

Earlier, people had fashioned pots by molding or coiling clay by hand, but now a symmetrical product could be produced in a much shorter time.

Thereafter, for about 20 years, Lugalzagesi was the most powerful ruler in the Middle East. For full treatment, see Mesopotamia, history of: They landed on his property in Canada and told him that Tesla was one of them.

After about BC, another people migrated from its homeland, located probably northeast of Mesopotamia, and began to intermarry with the native population.

The objective of these maneuvres was to expel the powers which had occupied the Carpathian Basin following the collapse of the Avar empire ca. There were also traders, and the Sumerians developed an extensive commerce by land and sea.

Following the defeat of the Hungarian War of Independence ofthe repressive Habsburg regime took over the Hungarian academic institutions and imposed the exclusive research orientation of the Finno-Ugrian theory about the origin of the Hungarians The ancient Sumerian texts depicted a large planet (Nibiru, today we call it Planet X) that entered the solar system very specifically in one of their drawings, and told how it would leave fairly quickly after it had come.

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Sumerian records
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